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Team Building with Corporate Adventures

Corporate Collaboration

What are your executive function abilities in your team? Individually and collectively.

This teambuilding programs highlights:

  • Team- awareness or team directed attention.

  • Inhibition or restraint.

  • Visual imagery- How well you can visualise things mentally.

  • Emotional team-regulation. The ability to take team awareness and inhibition and use them to manipulate your teams emotional state. This means learning to use words, images and your own self and team awareness to process and alter how we feel about things.

  • Motivation. How well you as a team motive each other and yourselves individually to complete a task.

  • Planning and problem solving. “Self- play”. How we play with information to come up with new ways of doing something. By looking at things from a new angle, taking things apart and recombining them in different ways, we are planning solutions to our challenges.


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