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Team Building with Corporate Adventures

Pony Power Teambuilding

Pony Power is an equine assisted experiential learning for team building. Horses are extremely sensitive and effective communicators, and, like humans, live in social groups. They are skilled leaders and have a strong team ethic. There is no riding of the horses involved, but the group participates in structured tasks with the horses, facilitated by a clinical psychologist (Jeanie Cave) and Equine Specialist (Sharon Van Rensburg). Through the activities with the horses, the group learns about communication, group dynamics, each other and themselves, while having a whole lot of fun.

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jeanie Cave and Sharon Van Rensburg

What does a Pony Power team workshop consist of?

A Pony Power workshop is tailored to meet the needs of the team attending. The programme includes both indoor (without horses) and outdoor (with horses) activities to reach the goals of the team. In terms of indoor activities, the team is guided through various exercises by the clinical psychologist. In terms of outdoor activities, there is no riding of the horses involved, but various structured tasks with the horses are facilitated by the clinical psychologist and supervised and assisted by the equine specialist. No prior knowledge of horses is required to reap the rewards of a Pony Power workshop. Workshops can be one day, one and a half days, two days, or three days in duration. All the activities are interactive and delegates are fully engaged throughout the workshop. The clinical psychologist facilitates the experiential learning to maximise benefits to the team.