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Team Building with Corporate Adventures

Port Elizabeth Teambuilding

Contact us to find out more about our other great Port Elizabeth teambuilding experiences. Read below for one of our client favourites.

Amazing Race at Homely Farm and Thatchwoods

The theme for the race is “Mission Possible” and as such all activities would speak to this both in the way they are positioned and the goals to achieve.


Homely farm is a fabulous venue for the Amazing Race, with the extent of the grounds and the interesting animals.

The teams get to compete against each other, with a fantastic series of challenges including a simulation of Apollo13 simulation using two way radios, sms clues, brain teaser challenges and many more.

The challenges, brain teasers and clues lead them to all the choice areas of the venue.

How it works:

We start out with a brief, energising and fun ice breaker. We then split the group into teams. Each team is presented with a Mission Possible Race Pack. This pack contains instructions and the tools required for the adventure. (Maps, GPS, photo’s sms numbers, caps etc). They will also be provided with a snack and water for the adventure.

The instructions are given and teams take a few minutes to learn the tools and strategise a plan of action. Then off they go on the Amazing Race Adventure.

All the teams will start at the same time departing in different directions. Teams will interact with each other at various stations, competing to get ahead. The program is structured in such a way as to ensure teams will interact against different teams at all times.

A final code breaker using previous clues, answers, and photos collected along the way will lead them to the final point. First team there wins the race!

Halt Card
Each team will have a halt card where they have the option of stopping the opposing team for a specified amount of time during the race, or they can use it to buy the same amount of time back for themselves.

Fast Track
As part of the Chase pack there will be a Puzzle which when solved can be presented to an activity facilitator which then allows the team to forego the activity and fast track onto the next activity.

The destination clues
The clues to each destination is in one of five categories

  1. A point indicated on a map.
  2. A printed small window of a map.
  3. GPS
  4. A compass bearing and distance.
  5. A cryptic clue
  6. A photograph of some feature.
  7. Sms clue

The challenge activities:
The adventure would consist of 5 stations, and the activities will revolve around successful missions in the past.

Activity Number


Link to Theme:


Apollo 13: Two way radios and a challenging task with a time limit makes this a tense and exciting challenge.

The Successful Failure!



The Shackleton Way


Brain Aerobics – The name says it all. A collection of brain teasers, classic wooden 3D puzzles, make this a memorable challenge.

The Pen is mightier than the sword – Link to stories of great thinkers who have added to man’s success.


Memory Game

Success requires careful competitor analysis


Orienteering and treasure hunt: The setting makes this a true Pirate style treasure hunt with maps, compass and cryptic clues to find X!

Exploration of the world, sea and space


Winning Teams

Teams will be awarded Prizes as follows:

  • First team in.(Winning Team)

Prizes can be discussed with the client.

Contact us to find out more about our other great Port Elizabeth teambuilding experiences.