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Team Building with Corporate Adventures

Mission Impossible (Or seemingly so...)

We would split the team into 2 teams to work together.

Each team will then be provided with equipment to build a raft the Inuit way. We will brief them on all the necessary rope skills and get their thinking going.

We will then pull aside enough delegates from each team to make another two teams who will start on the thinking to float the bakkie and will brief the rest of the team once they are done.

Once the vehicle and Jolly Rogers are on the water and everyone afloat (Life jackets are provided for each person) the team can race their Jolly Rogers against in each other in a mini boat derby.

The dress code should be T-shirt and shorts with trainers or sandals and hats for the sun. We will provide life jackets to each individual, although the chances of getting wet are minimal due to the unique way in which we construct the rafts.

This is a fantastic activity as everyone can get involved and for those that can’t swim, the rafts are so safe they feel very secure getting on the water. We have a very high success rate with non-swimmers, with very few occasions where the whole team does not get on the boats in the water.

Click here to download the PDF for this activity.


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