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Team Building with Corporate Adventures

Outdoor Teambuilding

Maze - Honeydew

Your Character Revealed?

Are you a leader, follower, adventurer, timid, control freak, relaxed go with the flow, ethical, criminal mind, vandal, carer, thinker, dreamer, blunderer, good loser, bad loser, big ego, gentle soul, persistent or a quitter? Come and find out in the maze!

Team building activities teach groups to work together, build trust and follow directions. By successfully navigating their way through mazes, team members will get to know each other and learn leadership skills. A maze is an intricate system of paths in which there are many obstacles that can't be seen beforehand. Teams work together to get through the maze, which requires concentration, logical thinking, risk taking and knowing how to support colleagues under pressure.

Team building exercises with mazes help to build trust and encourage group thinking and problem solving.

Venue: Honeydew, Johannesburg

We currently offer 2 different options:

A: Giant Maze event:

Teamwork and group thinking come to the fore as the giant maze activity combines navigation with problem solving. Various stations located throughout the maze require teams to stop and work together to answer questions or complete tasks. The difficulty of the questions can be adjusted to suit any age group or line of work.

You will be doing our Elemental Reed Maze - With 1.8km of pathways and 5 secret gardens, themed on the 4 Elements : Air, Earth Water and Fire; and, the Garden of Reflection. Played with a general knowledge quiz to answer, this maze is very popular.

Duration: Teams generally come to the maze for a half-day activity during the week, usually arriving around 12noon. Bookings are for a 4 hour slot.

Format: Staff are divided into teams of 4 people per team. This can be facilitated, or you can organise the teams.

  • Teams are briefed on maze task
  • Teams do a couple of small tasks at tables to stagger the teams going into the maze
  • All the teams then do the giant maze, takes 90 minutes
  • All teams hand in their answer sheets, and the sheets are marked
  • Small prize giving, prizes supplied by you or can be discussed.
  • Lunch, served approx 2 hours after the start of your event, food options see below
  • There are a number of smaller mazes, logic puzzles and games around the staging area that teams can solve as teams or entertain themselves on
  • Group departs 4 hours after start of the event

B: Enhanced option:

Additional facilitated maze events combine with the Giant Maze; see above, to make more of the teambuilding opportunity. This is done for groups under 50 people.

Duration: This event runs for 6 hours, with teams usually arriving around 9am and departing at 3pm.

Format: This combines group work and team work.

  • Coffee/tea on arrival
  • Memory Maze aka The Invisible Maze: This maze format teaches everyone to pay attention to their teammates, follow instructions and learn from others. A 12 x 12 grid is laid on the ground. No maze is visible on the grid. The task is for all the delegates to work together to get a team member from one side of the ‘maze’ to the other. Played first as a single group and then slightly differently in teams of 4.
  • Blindfold Maze: This task helps to build trust amongst teammates, encourage teamwork and teach team members to follow instructions from one group leader. The group is divided into teams of 4. One member of the team is blindfolded, one has his mouth closed and one cannot hear, as in “See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil’. These three will do the green maze tied together with scarves on their wrists. The remaining team member is on the outside of the maze issuing instructions and must guide his team through the maze. The leader must learn to provide thorough instructions, while the other team members need to work as a cohesive unit and follow directions.
  • Teams are then briefed on the Giant Maze task (as above)
  • Teams do a couple of small tasks at tables to stagger the teams going into the maze
  • All the teams then do the Giant maze, takes 90 minutes
  • All teams hand in their answer sheets, and the sheets are marked
  • Small prize giving, prizes supplied by you or can be discussed.
  • Lunch, served approximately 4 hours after the start of the event, food options see below
  • After lunch, group at leisure to play on smaller puzzles and chat
  • Group departs 6 hours after start of the event

Prizes: Supplied by you : winning team, longest day, and team that retrieves the SA flag. Token prizes such as, ‘smarties’ for the clever team and ‘dummies’ for the slowest team.

Lunch : Meals can be served al-fresco under the trees, or under our large thatched lapa. We have picnic style seating for 100 people, and additional benches for casual seating. We have no objection to external caterers with large groups or if you require a more formal menu.

We have a selection of casual menus, from sandwiches to lasagna to braai.

Alcohol : We are not licensed, We have to insist that no alcohol is consumed before the maze tasks! You may bring your own beer/wine/ciders are fine, no large bottles of brandy! We require that the organisor of the event, or a senior member of your staff, remain until the last person has left. We do have large buckets to keep beers cold, but you need to bring your own ice. Cold-drinks are sold on site. We run a tab for these and you can settle this at the end of your function.